Andy Boyle

I never thought I would work with a triathlon coach, I thought this was for professional triathletes or people with lots of time on their hands. However, when TCUK was recommended to me I thought there was nothing to lose in trying it out and the cost was very low compared to other triathlon equipment. This was the best sporting decision I have made.

Prior to joining TCUK I had completed a number of triathlons over a range of distances from Olympic to Ironman. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of ironman. My training was inconsistent and unstructured and my race strategy was to start as fast possible and try and hold that pace (this doesn’t work by the way) and this was reflected in my results.

Using the experienced coaches at TCUK has transformed my training and racing and has made triathlon an even more enjoyable experience. The benefits I have seen from working with Matt and the TCUK team have been numerous and in some cases unexpected, for example - Structured consistent training: since working with TCUK I have been able to fit in a structured and consistent training programme, I never thought that this would be possible while working long hours.

Injury prevention: prior to working with Matt I would commonly have minor niggles and injuries, which impacted on my ability to train consistently. The strength and conditioning and structure of the programme has allowed me to train and race injury free over the last year.

Race execution: I still want to start off fast but Matt has given me a race plan including maximal pace and power that I know I can sustain. This has allowed me to race faster and to my full potential, at least when I follow his advice.

As well as the clear benefits of TCUK’s training programmes its online training programme is flexible and allows me to easily adjust my training programme if I am having a busy couple of days at work. There is always weekly feedback on training performance and the plan is updated on a weekly basis to reflect the prior week’s training. I would recommend TCUK to everyone.

Thanks to TCUK’s support I am completing races in times that I never thought were possible for me. In just over a year of training with TCUK I have improved my ironman PB by two hours and my Olympic distance PB by 30 minutes. My next race is Ironman Lanzarote and with TCUK’s support I am confident that I can finish toward the very top end of my age group.

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