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Learn how to conquer nutrition, potentially one of the most complex parts of your training, for improved performance, recovery and health, with our resident nutritionist, bio-mechanics coach, personal trainer and founder of Real Food Function, Jon Hodgkinson.

Nutrition is a tricky topic at the best of times. Add to this your increased workload of training for triathlon and it can become overwhelming. That’s exactly why we created our 6-week nutrition course.

  • Learn how to create consistent energy levels throughout the day to improve training and race day performance.
  • Structure meals to improve recovery time and fit your TCUK training schedule.
  • Develop the skills to consistently eat well even when time is not on your side.
  • Let us plan your meals for you, then teach you exactly how we do it for future success.

For more information on our 6-week nutrition course which costs £160, email: [email protected] and check out our nutrition blog post

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Watt Bike Assessment

A Watt Bike assessment will include an analysis of your pedal stroke efficiency as well as a fitness test to determine your heart rate and power training zones. Fitness testing can come in many different forms on the Watt Bike. We will discuss the most appropriate test with you and take into consideration your race type, time of season and current fitness level when determining the most appropriate assessment.

A watt bike assessment will take 60 minutes and the cost is £50.

For more information or to book a watt bike assessment, email: [email protected] and take a look at our watt bike assessment blog post.


Biomechanics Screening

Many TCUK athletes (and coaches!) sit behind computers, commute long hours and are glued to our phones! All of these things affect our posture.

As biomechanics coaches we believe in the body being one kinetic chain where, for example, an elevated right shoulder could lead to a calf strain on the left lower leg.

As triathletes we need to be moving as freely as we can and have as few muscle imbalances as possible. Not easy in a world full with technology but vital if you want your body to perform to its very best.

Our biomechanics screening covers all the major joints, starting with the pelvis and spine before looking at your shoulders, ankles and knees. We look for the obvious dysfunctions and then provide you with corrective exercises to help reduce spasm, improve the neuromuscular link and help you to manage dysfunction and reduce the chance of injury.

A biomechanics screening session with corrective exercises will last for 60 minutes and costs £35.

For more information or to book a biomechanics screening, email: [email protected] and read our biomechanics screening blog post


Run Analysis

Working with founder of (The Running Coach, Chris Adams) we are able to offer a comprehensive run analysis and run coaching service.

Chris will help you to improve balance, functional movement, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement and will aim to improve your speed, agility and athletic performance for triathlon-specific gains.

Sessions will:

  • Use exercises aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities
  • Master balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement to improve Speed, Agility & Athletic Performance.
  • Increase efficiency of movement to help reduce the risk of technique related injury.

For more information or to book a run analysis, email: [email protected]


Swim Analysis

Have you been swimming for years but struggling to take your swimming to the next level? Are you new to swimming and not sure where you’re going wrong? Either way, it’s far easier to improve your technique, once you’ve seen what you need to work on.

Our comprehensive 1:1 Video Swim Analysis Sessions will provide the platform for a true revolution in your swimming.

We will video you from at least four different angles, both above and below the water, using a high definition camera. Our experienced coaches will then provide feedback and analysis on your stroke on the poolside, identifying not only your stroke flaws but also the cause of the flaws and most importantly how you can fix them.

Our coaches will then get you straight back in the water to perform corrective drills that are tailored specifically to your needs and provide you with guidance about how to structure your training to reap the best improvements.

A swim analysis will take 60 minutes and the cost is £90. All sessions are conducted in the 25m pool at Graves Leisure Centre in Sheffield.

For more information or to book a 1:1 video swim analysis session, email: [email protected]

Sarah crisp


Sarah Crisp, founder of Reative Physio, ultra-marathon runner and keen triathlete, graduated from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) in 2007 with a Physiotherapy qualification. She went on to specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and her postgraduate experience has ranged from the NHS, to private practice on Harley Street, and has taken her as far afield as Australia. She was delighted to be awarded an MSc Advancing Physiotherapy with distinction from SHU in 2016 and is also qualified in western acupuncture.

Sarah understands the physical and psychological difficulties faced by athletes overcoming injury; not to mention the challenges that come with trying to balance work, family and social commitments with a demanding training schedule. As such she is able to offer a comprehensive service to triathletes of all abilities.

To make an appointment with Sarah call 07943 016282, email [email protected] or visit the Reactive Physio website for more information.